Yankees, Oh Geeze: 9/8/08

     I was out at "The A" to watch the Yankees against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (yeah, a ridiculous name) this past Monday night. It was my last hurrah for 2008 to root for my beloved Yanks. Things started off well with the Bronx Bombers taking a 1-0 lead in the first inning. But with the rare siting of 2004 signing disaster Carl Pavano on the mound, my confidence for that lead to hold was minimal. The Angels ended up taking batting practice on Yankee "pitching," launching several home runs and beating NY 12-1. Awful. Truly awful. The only real excitement came when twinkle-toed center fielder Torii Hunter overreacted to being tagged by Yankee catcher Ivan Rodriguez and started a brawl. Benches cleared and both teams’ bullpens ran in to join the action. Hey Joba, chill out. We don’t need you getting hurt over some macho bull schiess in a meaningless game.
     Oh well, this season is toast. No playoffs for the first time since I was a junior in high school. No big deal. I still love ya Yanks. 2009 will be our year for sure.

One thought on “Yankees, Oh Geeze: 9/8/08”

  1. I, for one, say Thank God ARod is going back to the Yankees! Seeing as my second frvaoite team in baseball has always been whoever happens to be playing against them that particular day.The idea of Cashman saying that he wouldn’t negotiate with ARod if he tasted the market and actually following through with it made me have to wonder if I could actually respect his ballclub.Fortunately, the Yankees were the Yankees and did what the Yankees do so I can go on hating them as always.Finally, as a lifelong Cubs fan, we don’t need that cancer in the Clubhouse!

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