One thought on “WFMU DJ Cards”

  1. Hm, let me guess:1. Filing window by the snirpg/summer of next year.2. LP-10s will bite the dust as not being spectrally-efficient.3. LP-250s may be allowed, but they’ll still have to uphold the third-adjacent-channel spacing rule, or navigate some convolution that to make second-adjacent spacing nearly impossible. LP-100s will be allowed second-adjacent channel waivers, but in a context that is overly restrictive and gives broadcast incumbents even more latitude to object or otherwise knock them off that channel.The sad thing is that there is NO technical difference between an LPFM station and a translator station. The FCC could save a lot of time, energy, and paper by simply applying the relevant technical statutes for translators to LPFM. (Then they can concentrate on other non-technical requirements to hamstring an LPFM’s fiscal and operational stability.)This will represent the last real opportunity for expansion of community radio in the United States. I sure hope the application-pool breaks down a bit more diversely than it did back in the early oughts. (I’d bet the godcasters are already marshaling their application-forces.)

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