Super Tsunami Tuesday: Presidential Primary 2008

     Today the citizens of California voted in the Presidential primary election. We represented one of 24 states that held primaries or caucuses on this Uber-Super-Magnus-WMD Tuesday. The Republicans have 1,023 delegates at stake in 21 contests and the Democrats have 1,681 at stake in 22, plus American Samoa.
     I was psyched to get out and vote, especially after Scarlett Johansson called me to encourage me to do so (twice). The oddity of the day was that my polling place was in a residence down the street. actually specified “Living Room” when I did my voting location query. At least the Democrats allowed people like myself, who are non-partisan / declined to state, to vote in their primary. The Republicans did not. What does that say about them?
     Today is the first step in fixing the mess that Governor George W. Bush and his administration have caused over the past seven years (Governor is the last election he legally won). Even Republican candidates have distanced themselves from him and in no way wish for his endorsement. But, if elected, those same candidates will perpetuate the downward spiral Dubya has dragged this country through. They want to continue the war indefinitely. The Right will spend and spend while maintaining or increasing tax cuts (especially for the wealthiest citizens). How can we spend more AND tax less? Who is paying for this? It’s time to be responsible here at home and abroad. Let’s get out of Iraq and finish the job in Afghanistan (where’s Bin Laden?). In dealing with our enemies, start with real diplomacy, not saber-rattling. Let’s start paying attention to the serious issues within our borders (poverty, economy, environment, corporate corruption, health care, torture).
     The best candidate to repair the damage, restore the Constitution and strengthen America’s future is John Edwards. However, since he dropped out, endorses Barack Obama.

I voted in somebody’s house. What’s up with that?

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