Pinewood Derby Contest

Last week was Engineers Week, and to celebrate my company held its annual Engineering Dinner. Each year there is a competition between attendees in honor of Michael Bendowski. For the second year in a row it was a Pinewood Derby Contest. Also for the second year in a row I collaborated with GBR Racing (Ginzo Brothers Racing). With my Irishness and the additional assistance of Filipino Gil, we had quite a diverse team (though I’m part Italian due to time spent in Verona and Jessup). Anyway, GBR Racing was proud to participate in the field of wide ranging Derby Car expertise (however low we might be in that range). It was high-tech versus no-tech when “Stugots 05” hit the track! Even Derby enthusiast Senator Rick Santorum (R.PA) stopped by to check out the action.

Pinewood Derby 2005 Senator Rick Santorum

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