Merry Xmas 2004

Christmas 2005

Happy Holidays to everyone out there in cyberspace. I hope y'all had a great Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever. I'm psyched because it was my first Christmas to wake up in NYC. Santa even made it to Harlem and left all kinds of goodies, and no Jar Jar Binks toys (YES!). ...

Hazard Zet Forward

SHP Boyz

It was time to whip out your old blazer and sing the Alma Mater this past Thursday at the Trinity Pub on 84th Street. Basile, Barisonic, Halpin, Keating, Lingo, Zuhusky, and McCarthy crossed streams to create a force the upper east side hasn't seen since the likeness of Virgin Mary was deciphered in an ...

Presidential Portraits

Presidential Portraits

Andy Hatch McCarthy's installation of his Presidential Portraits kicked off on November 12th and officially came to a close on December 1st. The display was held at the Valley Forge in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC. The opening party featured Hatch's work, consisting of one portrait for every President of the United States in history, as well ...

Mighty Fine Wine

Mighty Fine Wine

Last night Mighty Fine Wine rocked The Moonshine Theater in Scranton for their CD release party. Okay Paddy opened up, followed by three sets of phenomenal MFW music to get your bones movin'. Occasionally a group of sexy synchronized dancers made their way on stage to spice things up a bit. The currency for alcohol ...


Small Change

I have finally received my WFMU DJ cards from this past year's pledge drive. Check out two of my favorite DJ's, Small Change and Laura Cantrell. Click the cards to listen to their shows over the web.    

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