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St. Ubaldo Day – 2005

St. Ubaldo

     This past Memorial Day the people of Jessup, Pennsylvania hosted a truly unique celebration of Italian culture and heroes of the past => St. Ubaldo Day. Three teams, each representing a different saint (St. Ubaldo, St. George, and St. Anthony), raced through the streets of Jessup while carrying a statue of their respective saint ...

+ëireann go Br+ích

St. Patrick

Happy St. Patrick's Day, or as they say in Gaelic, "Beannachta+¡ na F+¬ile P+ídraig oraibh!" Yes, it's the day when everyone is Irish for a day, and the real Irish are ashamed of their new countrymen. However, while today is the official St. Patrick's Day holiday, the celebration started this past Saturday (morning) in Scranton, ...

Merry Xmas 2004

Christmas 2005

Happy Holidays to everyone out there in cyberspace. I hope y'all had a great Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever. I'm psyched because it was my first Christmas to wake up in NYC. Santa even made it to Harlem and left all kinds of goodies, and no Jar Jar Binks toys (YES!). ...